Setting up email in Mail for Mac

1. Go to Applications.

  • Open Mail.
  • From the menu bar, click Mail, then Preferences.

2. Go to the Accounts tab, and then click the "+" button to create an account.

3. In the Add Account window, enter your full name, email address and email password.

4. Click Continue.

5. In the Incoming Mail Server screen, select POP from the Account Type list, and complete your information as follows:

  • Description
  • The name of your account.
  • Incoming mail server
  • The mail server type is POP and the format will be where mydomain is your website domain. 
  • User Name - this will be in the format of (your email address with the @ symbol replaced with a + symbol).
  • Password - yoour email account password.


Click Continue.

6. In the Outgoing Mail Server screen complete your information as follows:

  • Description
  • The name for this mail server (e.g. bigpond mail server).
  • Outgoing mail server

7. Check the Use only this server box.

8. Click continue.

9. The last page will outline your Account Summary. Click Create.

Finished! Send yourself an email to test that the set up has been done correctly.

If you have any problems with your mail setup, please don't hesitate to contact support on