Checking email via webmail

In order to use this feature you need to either have to be using webmail as you only way to check emails OR have your email program setup to Leave a copy of the email on your server. We strongly recommend that you use an email program to check your emails.

Magicdust hosting service is not setup to allow for webmail to be your primary mode of accessing emails, primarily because the diskspace allocated to most email accounts is 10MB. This works well when you are accessing the emails via an email client like Outlook or Entourage, but is very limited for webmail use.

If you would prefer to always have webmail access, please speak to our support team to help you setup a POP 3 account with either gmail or hotmail etc. This will map your website email address to a commercial webmail account which works really well.

To check your webmail

1. Go to, where is your domain name.

2. Enter your full email address as your username and password and click OK.

3.  You will then have three options of webmail program, we suggest you use
Roundcube to access your emails as it is the most user friendly, but all will work fine.

4. Click the logo to enter the program of your choice.

5. You will see a screen of any emails in the inbox.