Setting up email in Mozilla Thunderbird (Version 3.0)

The following tutorial will show you how to set up mail using Thunderbird 3.1.

  1. Click on tools and then account settings.

  2. Click on Account Actions and then select Add Mail Account from the dropdown.

  3. Fill in your name, email address and password under Mail Account Setup and click continue.

  4. Thunderbird will now try to auto-fill your details. You will need to stop it doing this and manually input some of the settings. Click Stop on the right.

  5. Ensure that your username follows the format of where is your website address.
  6. Ensure that the incoming server is where is your website address. Beside that it should say POP, 110 and None. For the outgoing server, ensure that you use the mail server attached to your ISP. For example or This should be SMTP, 25 and None. Click Re-test Configuration.

  7. Thunderbird may give you an encryption warning. Check "I understand the risk" at the bottom of the page and then click Create Account.

  8. The account will now be created.

If you have any problems with your mail setup, please don't hesitate to contact support on