eShop - Shipping Management Settings

This article applies to the Magicdust eShop 1.0. Click here for articles relating to Magicdust eShop 2.0.

This guide will explain how to control the shipping methods of the cart. It will focus on controlling the settings on a cart-wide level. For a guide on how to set up custom shipping methods, for example to ship interstate or through Australia Post, click here.

  1. Click on "cart settings" and then "shipping management."

  2. Decide whether you want to allow the cart to calculate shipping (we recommend you allow it to).

  3. The following diagram explains the shipping calculation settings:

    1. Enable shipping: if this is selected then shipping will be calculated through the cart.
    2. Display shipping prices: If Yes is selected, shipping prices will appear on the shipping methods page
    3. Allow International Shipping: Determine where you want to ship to, whether nationally or internationally.
    4. Allow orders to be completed if no shipping methods are available? If this setting is set to yes and shipping cannot be calculated, the order will be able to be completed without shipping calculated into the final cost.
    5. Display the shipping weight on the product/catalog pages: If no is selected the cart will not display the shipping weight on the product pages.
    6. Should the cart display the shipping price on the product page? Note - this will only display if you have entered a shipping price by product.
    7. Enable the shipping quote feature? If enabled, customers will be able to get a shipping quote for products within their cart before they register.
    8. Is shipping taxable? Yes or no.
    9. Shipping tax class: A tax class can be assigned for shipping if required. For information on setting up a tax class, click here.
  4. Decide on if you want to charge a handling fee. If so, fill in the following fields. If not, leave the handling fee at 0.00.

  5. Set your shipping origin settings - set the location from which your products will be sent.

  6. Save changes.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email