eShop - Can I set up free shipping?

This article applies to the Magicdust eShop 1.0. Click here for articles relating to Magicdust eShop 2.0.

It is possible to set up free shipping either on a global scale which will apply to all products, or on a product-by-product basis. In many cases it is desirable to offer free shipping after a certain amount of money has been spent, for example.

To set up free shipping using a custom method, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to "cart settings" and then "shipping management."

  2. 2. Click on the Custom Methods tab and then click fill in the details below.

Shipping based on price

It is possible to set up shipping based on price, for example a sliding scale which rewards customers for spending more money by paying less shipping. In this example, spending up to $10 is $10 shipping, spending up to $20 is $7.50 for shipping, up to $100 is $5 shipping, and spending over $100 entitles the customer to free shipping.

To apply free shipping to a particular product, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to "categories and products" and click on "manage products."

  2. Search for the product to which you want to apply free shipping.

  3. Under product properties check "free shipping."

Once the shipping methods are set up, it is recommended to do a series of tests to ensure that shipping is calculated correctly by the cart.

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