eShop Quick Start Guide

eShop Quick Start Guide

The following guide gives you the ability to set up the basics of your eShop. This simple 7-step process was developed to assist you with the basic information necessary to conduct transactions. We recommend you complete these steps first before you begin adding products to you eShop. Additionally, we encourage you to spend sometime with the user manual to understand the system completely. Manual is found here:

Step One
Go to: Cart Settings > Global Cart Settings > Company Information
Enter all relevant information regarding your company. Required fields are in bold.

Step Two
Go to: Cart Settings > Global Cart Settings > Global Site Settings
Enter in your customer service and administrator e-mail, site name and URL information.

Step Three
Go to: Cart Settings > Payment Methods
Select the payment methods you will be accepting. Be sure to click the edit button to make text adjustments and enter in text for the thank you page.

Step Four
Go to: Cart Settings > Shipping Management
Select the shipping method you will allow your customers to use. You need to create your own custom methods.

Step Five
Go to: Cart Settings > Edit Taxes
Set up your global tax rate for the eShop.

Step Six
Go to: Cart Settings > Appearance Settings > Edit Site Home Page
Enter the information you would like to appear in the middle section of the home page.

Step Seven
Bulk Loading your Products
After you complete these steps,it will still be necessary to enter your products into the eShop system. You can do this
individually, or by using the Bulk Product Loader. We suggest reviewing the user manual, or use the help areas located in the cart before you begin.

If you have your product database in a .csv or comma delimited file you can very easily add your products to the Magicdust eShop using the Bulk Loader. Located under Product and categories in the admin are of the cart, the Bulk Loader can bring in thousands of products with just a couple of clicks. If this is your first time using the Bulk Loader, we suggest importing only a couple of products first to understand the process and check the data structure.

Once you have successfully completed a test, you can start uploading all of your data using it. Bulk loading images is a snap. Make sure the image names match the product ID and upload them using the Bulk Image Loader or FTP. Once you have the images in the cart, run the Thumbnail generator to associate the images with the correct products.

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