eWeb - The Edit Layout Tab: A Guide

The Edit Layout Tab is extremely useful in allowing you to modify layout elements of your website. With the Edit Layout Tab, you can create text and image boxes, position these however you need, add borders and colours to boxes, float images over text and much more. You can also insert HTML snippets such as embedding YouTube code or a Google map using the Edit Layout Tab. We have a range of tutorials on the functions of the Edit Layout Tab here. The main purpose of this tutorial is to step through each icon and explain its purpose.

Here is the edit layout panel in full:

Next Box: click this to move between boxes within the page.

Box Type: this icon changes depending on whether the box is a text box, picture box or widget.

Left Edge of Box: click this to move a box 1 pixel at a time towards the left.

Top Edge of Box: click this to move a box 1 pixel at a time towards the top.

Width of Box: click this to change the width of the box 1 pixel at a time.

Height of Box: click this to change the height of the box 1 pixel at a time.

Style Dropdown: use this menu to apply any available styles to your boxes, such as drop shadows or photo frames.

New element: use this dropdown to select the type of layout element you'd like to create, such as textboxes, picture boxes and widgets.

Delete: click this to delete a box.

Cut: click this to cut a box.

Copy: click this to copy a box.

Paste: click this to paste a box.

Box Attachment: use this drop down to set stretch, fixed or float. Stretch will cause a box to stretch down the page as it grows. Fixed boxes hold their position and cannot overlap. Floated boxes can be positioned on top of any fixed box.

Box border: use this to define borders around the edges of any box.

Background Colour: click this set the background colour of a box.

If you have any questions or require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to email