Photoshop - How to add text to an image

In some instances you may want to add some text to your image, to label it, add a copyright line and so on.

This is very simple to do in photoshop.

  1. Open the image you wish to label by going to file and then clicking open. Browse your computer and locate the image you wish to resize.

  2. Click on the T icon on the left menu bar. This will launch the text options at the top of the screen.

  3. Click your cursor on the image and type your text.

  4. Make any changes to the text colour or font by highlighting the text and then changing the font, size and colour on the top menu.

  5. To confirm your text, click the move arrow at the top of the left menu bar.

  6. Hit F7 to open the layers panel. You will notice that the text you type has been placed on a new layer above your image. This is very beneficial as it allows you to move and position your text separately from the image. Do this by clicking on the text on the image and dragging it.

  7. To save the image, click on file and then Save for Web & Devices.

  8. The save window will open. This window will help you optimise your image for the web. We recommend keeping the file type as JPEG (top right corner) and checking that the size is under 200kb (bottom left corner). Click save.

  9. Another window will launch, prompting you to select a location on your computer to save the image.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email