Photoshop - How to resize an image

Often you may have a photo or image that is far too large for putting on your website. Large images may cause the layout of your website to stretch out of proportion, or may cause problems with your disk space or bandwidth as they are large to download.

Therefore, knowing how to resize images is an important skill.

  1. Open the image you wish to resize by going to file and then clicking open. Browse your computer and locate the image you wish to resize.

  2. The image may appear small in Photoshop as the software may automatically resize it to fit on your screen. You can check the size of the image by going to Image and then Image Size on the top menu. You can also access this area by hitting Ctrl + Alt + I.

  3. You will be able to see the pixel dimensions of the image. In the case of the tutorial example, the image in question is 1546x1161 pixels in size. This is very large! To display this image on your website, a width of approximately 500-600 pixels would be appropriate. Type this in and click okay.
  4. The image is now resized.

  5. To save the image, click on file and then Save for Web & Devices.

  6. The save window will open. This window will help you optimise your image for the web. We recommend keeping the file type as JPEG (top right corner) and checking that the size is under 200kb (bottom left corner). Click save.

  7. Another window will launch, prompting you to select a location on your computer to save the image.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email