How to use the Magicdust Support Area

If you find yourself having difficulty in any aspect of using your website, there are numerous avenues you can take to get help. We strive to give you confidence in using your website and the internet and wish to support you in gaining this confidence in any way we can. The benefit of learning the CMS software and how to update and manage your website on your own means you are not reliant on the Magicdust support team. While we are always happy to help you in any way we can, we also wish to provide you with resources you can use outside of support hours or on weekends.

We have built the Magicdust Support Area with this in mind. There are three areas of the support area intended to support all skill levels and will provide you information in many forms, including text, images and video.

1. The Magicdust Knowledgebase

This is a searchable index of articles, both informational and in tutorial format. Tutorials are set up to step you through individual functions of the cart, such as how to insert images or add a new page. These articles have step by step instructions and accompanying images to demonstrate exactly how to perform these tasks. The knowledgebase also provides links to other resources, such as Magicdust Training Videos.

2. Magicdust Training Videos

For those of you who are more inclined to watch a live video which you can stop and start as well as listen to verbal instructions, we have a range of instructional videos, many of which correspond to our knowledgebase articles.

3. The Magicdust Answers Forum

Have a chat to fellow Magicdust Website owners! If you have a question about your website or how to do anything? Ask it to the forum; either a Magicdust support team member or another website owner will be able to help you. Help others by answering their questions too!

And of course, the Magicdust support team are always available to assist you via phone and email if you ever need help.