eShop - Setting up tax rates

This article applies to the Magicdust eShop 1.0. Click here for articles relating to Magicdust eShop 2.0.

It is possible to set up your cart to calculate tax rates, for example GST. It is recommended that if you sell products that are applicable for GST, you input your product prices WITHOUT GST and then allow the cart to add the GST calculation at the end. This is more accurate with regard to the checkout and invoicing processes.

To set up a tax rate do the following:

  1. Go to Cart settings and then Edit taxes.

  2. Fill in the Tax Rate Name and define the Countries and States to which it applies. We recommend leaving tax rate set to General. Type in the tax rate as a percent and select the classes of users to which it will apply.

  3. Ensure that for all products that require GST (or another tax rate that you've set up) applied that their tax class is set to General.
  4. Do a test purchase to ensure that GST (or another tax rate that you've set up) is added to the product correctly.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email