eShop - Using the product update wizard

This article applies to the Magicdust eShop 1.0. Click here for articles relating to Magicdust eShop 2.0.

The eShop allows you to send out email blasts informing your registered customers of any new products that you may have added to your shop within a certain time period. This time period can be set within the wizard while preparing to send out the email.

  1. Click on Manage Emails and then Product Update Email Wizard.

  2. Select the date range in which you have added the new products. Then select the way in which the products will display to customers who can view HTML emails.

  3. Click "generate email."
  4. On the next screen, fill in the subject and the from name and email.

  5. The following boxes allow you to edit the auto-generated text that the product update email wizard produces. If you wish to edit the text it will need to be done in both the HTML and Text boxes.
  6. To edit the HTML text, click "Edit HTML Online" and make any necessary changes.

  7. To edit the text, simply type in your new updates in the Text Email box.

  8. Click to change the dates if necessary. If you are happy with the product update then click preview email.
  9. The next screen will show what the emails will look like in both HTML and text format.

  10. Send yourself a test email to make sure everything displays correctly.

  11. Click "edit email" to make any changes, or "send email" to send the product update to your subscriber list.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email