eShop - Changing the site colours

This article applies to the Magicdust eShop 1.0. Click here for articles relating to Magicdust eShop 2.0.

It is possible to change colours on a global scale across your site, such as font colours, link colours, box colours and so on. We do however recommend caution changing colours as many of the colours in the colour section shown below may affect the design appearance of your site. It is a good idea to note the original colours before any are changed so you can go back to them if you prefer the original appearance.

The tutorial below will focus on changing colours for some of the most commonly requested areas such as text, links.

  1. Go to Cart Settings and then click on Appearance Settings.

  2. Click on Edit Site Colours.

  3. The list of options for which the colours can be changed will now display.
  4. To change text and link colours for the main content area of your site, change the following areas:

    To change the link colours for the top and bottom navigation bars, change the following:

    To change the text and link colours for the left hand side, change the following:

  5. Click Save changes, then preview the site.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email