eShop - Inventory Explained

This article applies to the Magicdust eShop 1.0. Click here for articles relating to Magicdust eShop 2.0.

This article will explain the different options for how to use the inventory. It assumes that you have already added products to your website. If you require instructions on this, please click here. Options 3 and 4 assume that you have products which use attributes. For instructions on how to use attributes with your products, click here.

Option 1: No inventory tracking. Use this option if you do not want to track the inventory for the specified product.

Option 2. Track Inventory at product level. Using this option allows you to specify how many items are in the inventory.

Use the "product/attribute is out of stock" dropdown to display a message if the item is out of stock.

Use "number of items in inventory" to set how many of the item you will have for sale.

Use "notify me when the inventory is equal to or less than" to set a minimum sale number for the item . If the inventory reaches this number, the out of stock message will be displayed.

Option 3. Track Inventory at attribute level – track only defined combinations.

This option allows defined combinations of attributes to be tracked. If a particular combination is undefined a customer will be allowed to purchase the product. If a defined attribute reaches 0, the customer will not be able to purchase it.

For each attribute, allocate a product Sub ID and input the number of the item available. For example if you had 30 shirts, but 10 of them were red, select the "red" attribute and type in 10 for the number of items in the inventory. Click "add new inventory record."

Repeat this for each attribute you wish to track. You'll notice these then appear in your "current inventory" at the bottom of the page.

You can later use the current inventory to update your stock numbers if need be.

Option 4. Track Inventory at attribute level - sell only defined combinations.

In this option, the set up is exactly the same as option 3 above, however if attributes are not defined and added to your "current inventory" they will not be available for purchase. In addition, if the stock level reaches 0, the item will also not be available for purchase. Therefore, you must allocate a product SUB ID and enter a stock number for ALL attributes if you wish them to be available for purchase.

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