eWeb - Inserting a form

  1. Log into the site builder and click on the Edit Layout Tab.
  2. Click on the New icon on the toolbar and select Form Mailer

  3. A form mailer box will appear on the page. Resize and position the box so that you are happy with its size and position.
  4. To edit the content and layout of the form, go to the Edit Text tab. Leave the Submit button there and just delete the rest of the text and their text fields.
  5. Next we will add a table to layout the form so that the fields line up. Make sure to add the table above the Submit button.
  6. It is recommended to insert a table with two columns.
  7. In the left column you would type in the label of your form field, ie: Name, Phone, Email, Comment, etc.

  8. In the right hand column you can add the form fields by, clicking your cursor into a cell in which you want the field to appear, then click on the form icon on the toolbar.

  9. Fill in the appropriate form details. The email address the form sends to must always be left to the default. If you wish to use another email address for the forms, please contact us and we will set this up for you.

    The name of the field is what will display when the filled out form is emailed to you. There must be no spaces in the field name.

    A text field should be used for a short response such as a name or phone number, a text area should be used for longer responses such as an enquiry.

  10. It is recommended when the form is complete to publish the site, test the form and be sure you receive an email with the form details.

If you wish to move the form to another location on your website, you must go to Edit Layout and select the entire form box, not just the table and fields from the edit text tab. The form will not function without the box in which it was first created.

If you have any questions or require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to email