eWeb - Adding photos to the photo album

  1. Log into the site builder
  2. Select the Photo Gallery page
  3. If you have not yet added images, your photo gallery will have place holders to indicate where your images will go.
  4. Double click any of the image placeholders to launch the content organiser window.

  5. If you have yet to upload your images, do this now by following the tutorial here
  6. Once your images are uploaded to My Photo Albums folder, select the folder in which they have been saved and click OK.

  7. You may want to add Captions to your images. To do so, while in the content organizer window, click each image individually. You will notice a caption field at the bottom of each image.

  8. The images will now display in place of the placeholder images.

If you have any questions or require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to email